[arin-ppml] Revealing /32 customers?

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The /29 requirement is addressing public records not showing proof to ARIN staff that you actually utilized all your address space.

Regarding proof of DHCP pools.  Be glad they didn't ask.  They now request mapping records as well.

Showing ARIN staff proof you used address space is different than policy governing what is required to be visible to the public.  If ARIN staff didn't ask for forms of proof then justification would be a total joke.

Marla Azinger
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Hi folks,

Paraphrasing a private message I received during a recent NANOG discussion:

"We have roughly 66 /32 customer assignments and a /24 for management addresses (switches, waps, wireless backhauls, servers, etc). Also a number of large assignments to DHCP pools.

ARIN not only asked for the 66 customer names once, when the company went back to ask for additional space after renumbering, they were asked for it again. ARIN asked nothing concerning the DHCP pools, which by themselves qualified the address space."

My understanding was that our consensus policy is that an ISP is expected to reveal customer information about assignments of /29 and larger. So, this brings to mind two questions:

1. Do current ARIN staff procedures have situations which place a mandatory requirement for an ISP to reveal (under NDA or otherwise) customers to whom less than a /29 of address spaces has been assigned?
By "mandatory" I mean that ARIN staff will not accept an alternate form of demonstration that the /32 assignments are in use. The customer identities are required.

2. If ARIN staff procedures are in fact as described in #1, from which NRPM policies do those particular procedures derive?

Bill Herrin

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