[arin-ppml] /32 assignment identification requirement

David Krumme david at airbits.com
Fri Apr 27 12:05:01 EDT 2012

> On 4/27/2012 9:27 AM, David Krumme wrote:
>> I would object to the idea of anyone outside my organization being given
>> any kind of online access to my routers or computers.  There are all
>> kinds
>> of issues to worry about there.
> What kind of issues are there for ARIN to watch a readonly meeting
> session as you type commands or display certain information? It's only
> slightly removed from them standing behind you at your computer.
> Jack

Well, let's see...

First, I don't know what a "readonly meeting session" is and I wouldn't
know how to set one up.  I guess that's problem #1.

Mostly the other concerns are security related.  I have a fiduciary
relationship with my customers and one of the primary ways of maintaining
security is by not disclosing information that need not be disclosed. 
Disclosing secret information across the Internet to someone I don't know
just seems wrong.

A person physically present in my office is a lot less of a security risk,
and the secret information need never leave the office.  Also, the person
can only take away what they can see and remember.


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