[arin-ppml] /32 assignment identification requirement

David Krumme david at airbits.com
Fri Apr 27 10:27:38 EDT 2012

I recently applied for a /21 and was asked for a list of subnets and
customers because all of our assignments are static /32.  I had no problem
with providing it based on our existing records and it didn't surprise me
or bother me that they asked for it.  Anyone big enough to need a /21 is
going to have records in online form.

I wouldn't even have been surprised if they had followed up and
spot-checked a few individual customers.

ARIN's audit procedures should not be spelled out in public and should
vary and not be predictable.  That's how audits work.

I would object to the idea of anyone outside my organization being given
any kind of online access to my routers or computers.  There are all kinds
of issues to worry about there.


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