[arin-ppml] remote participation Jabber issue - RE: Open Policy Hour at ARIN XXIX

Mark Kosters markk at arin.net
Mon Apr 23 17:50:15 EDT 2012


There are a lot of web-based clients out on the 'net. The documentation at
mentions jwchat - www.jwchat.org. Follow the documentation, register your
JID, and you will soon have access to the jabber rooms.

Mark Kosters

On 4/23/12 2:21 PM, "Chu, Yi [NTK]" <Yi.Chu at sprint.com> wrote:

>I am having problem signing on to Jabber.  I think my company firewall
>blocks external Jabber, and my PC is locked down that I can't even run
>GTalk.   Is there another avenue for me?  I wish ARIN does Jabber as a
>web application on arin.net.

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