[arin-ppml] Questions about updated ARIN policy proposal 2011-1

Paul Wilson pwilson at apnic.net
Thu Sep 29 08:53:41 EDT 2011

I notice an updated version of APNIC proposal 2011-1 here:


My reading of this proposal is that it now incorporates the main aspects of the proposal ARIN-prop-156 which was recently abandoned by the ARIN AC.  Specifically, the 2011-1 now requires both source and recipient to comply with the policies of both of the RIRs involved, apparently requiring ARIN to apply its policies to organisations outside of the ARIN region.  I note also the enshrining of a 3-month demonstrated need policy, which happens to be part of today's ARIN policy anyway, on recipients outside of the ARIN region.

If this interpretation is correct, I'd like to repeat the practical questions which I previously asked about ARIN-prop-156, as these are now relevant to this one as well:  

> Is it proposed that ARIN staff would conduct a full need-based assessment of the each recipient, even in another region, including examination of all prior allocations?  
> Has there been any consideration of the cost and practicality of this approach?  
> Is it possible that a recipient [in another region] would be asked to pay ARIN to cover the cost of this service?  
> Would a registration services agreement be required with ARIN?


Paul Wilson


Draft Policy ARIN-2011-1
ARIN Inter-RIR Transfers

Date: 22 September 2011

Policy statement: 
Address resources may be transferred in or out of the ARIN region to those who demonstrate need and plan to deploy them for a networking purpose within 3 months. Such transfers will take place between RIRs who share compatible, needs-based policies supporting entities agreeing to the transfer and which otherwise meet both RIR's policies. Transferred resources will become part of the resource holdings of the recipient RIR unless otherwise agreed by both RIRs.
Rationale: Since individual RIRs now allow transfers, it makes sense to be able to transfer between regions as well. Reasoning....It is explicit about...

in or out of region,
that transfers are between RIRs that support needs-based policies, 
that RIRs have to agree, 
that parties meet all of both RIR policies 
that it is needs based, and the need is for a networking purpose, 
that the receiving RIR is entitled to the addresses
I think all these details were raised as objections at one time or another...so it seems best to waste a few more words to be explicit.
It is not explicit about...
block sizes
utilization of prior allocations,
assignments or transfers
RFC 2050
subsequent transfers
Timetable for implementation: Upon ratification by the ARIN Board of Trustees

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