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On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 10:46 AM, Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> wrote:

> On Aug 31, 2011, at 7:25 PM, Xing Li wrote:
> >
> >>> I think that's the real disconnect. This list is primarily concerned
> with address resource policy. From the perspective of address policy, IPv6
> is pretty much a no brainer as it DOES solve the resource shortage issue
> admirably. From almost every other perspective, IPv6 stinks on ice and for
> those of us who would have to deal the problems it presents, it's a no
> brainer to try to extend the useful life on IPv4 as much as possible.
> >>>
> >> Speaking as an end-user who is fortunate enough to have enough address
> space in both address families, I'd much rather have IPv6 than have to
> suffer through NAT, let alone the various forms of NAT++ that are coming
> (IVI, DS-Lite, 6RD, NAT64, NAT444, NAT4444, NAT44444444444..., etc.).
> >
> > IVI and NAT64 are different from other kind of transition tools, since
> they can make IPv6-only hosts communicate with the IPv4 Internet.  Our
> experience indicates that IPv6-only hosts naturally achieve the IPv4/IPv6
> transition.
> >
> I wasn't trying to dis any of the transition protocols and I certainly
> agree that IVI, NAT64, and DS-Lite offer better promise for a better
> long-term outcome than the others. My point was that other than native
> dual-stack leading to native IPv6, every thing else is going to suck for
> varying values of suck.

The problem is for the ISPs who lack the public IPv4 addresses, they have to
use NAT44 for the dual-stack deployment.  Our experience shows that when
translation (NAT44) cannot be avoided,  it is better to use IPv4/IPv6
translation (IVI/dIVI/NAT64) and deploy an IPv6-only network which can
communicate with the IPv4 Internet in the first place, rather than use NAT44
and deploy dual-stack network.



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