[arin-ppml] LRSA v3.0 . MWE revised 8-16-11 (Comment)

Mr. James W. Laferriere babydr at baby-dragons.com
Thu Oct 27 14:50:23 EDT 2011

 	Hello All ,

 	Hopefully OPEN Comments will be accepted on this matter as I being a 
holder of said 'Legacy resources' The FEE Structure is in my opinion still WAY 
too high .

 	Please provide as an addendum the mathimatical determination that SHOWS 
that each 'Legacy Holder' will pay a FAIR Share under this structure with those 
that hold FAR LARGER 'Resources' .

 	My own /24 is by far a better example of the  predominance of the 
'Holders' in the present 'Swamp' space .  PLEASE Illucidate those of us with 
small (ie: ~= /24) 'Resources' why those of us should be paying the same amount 
for ARIN 'Services' as a 'Holder' with /20 of 'Legacy' Resources ?

 	Imo ,  A /24 holder would be paying ~= $75.00/yr .

 		Tia ,  JimL

(b) Applicable Fees, Legacy Holder shall be required to pay ARIN the currently 
applicable "Annual Legacy Maintenance Fee" as described in this Section 4(b). 
The Annual Legacy Maintenance Fee pursuant to this Legacy Agreement shall 
initially be $300 per year until January 1, 2013. ARIN will send an invoice to 
prompt such payment before the due date. ARIN may increase the Annual Legacy 
Maintenance Fee after December 31, 2013, provided that (i) the Annual Legacy 
Maintenance Fee cannot exceed the annual maintenance fee charged to comparable 
non-legacy holders for the maintenance service as set forth in the Standard Fee 
Schedule for comparable number resources, and (ii) ARIN must set these fees in 
an open and transparent manner through the ARIN community consultation process.

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