[arin-ppml] Advisory Council Meeting Results - October 2011

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Wed Oct 19 15:11:11 EDT 2011

In accordance with the ARIN Policy Development Process the ARIN Advisory
Council (AC) held a meeting on 14 October 2011 and made decisions about
several draft policies and proposals.

The AC moved the following draft policies to last call (they will be
posted separately to last call):

   ARIN-2011-1: ARIN Inter-RIR Transfers
   ARIN-2011-8: Combined M&A and Specified Transfers
   ARIN-2011-9 (Global Proposal): Global Policy for Post Exhaustion IPv4 
Allocation Mechanisms by the IANA
   ARIN-2011-10: Remove Single Aggregate Requirement from Specified Transfer

The following remain on the AC's docket:

   ARIN-2011-7: Compliance Requirement
   ARIN-2011-11: Clarify Justified Need for Transfers
   ARIN-2011-12: Set Transfer Need to 24 months

The following proposal was added to the AC's docket for development and 

   ARIN-prop-157 Section 8.3 Simplification

The AC abandoned the following:

   ARIN-2011-13: IPv4 Number Resources for Use Within Region
   ARIN-prop-153 Correct erroneous syntax in NRPM 8.3

Regarding 2011-13 the AC provided the following statement, "Given the 
overwhelming number of objections by the community to the policy text as 
written, and the lack of demonstrated consensus in the community to 
continue work in this area, the AC has abandoned this draft policy."

And for prop-153 the AC stated, "Since ARIN-Prop-153 was in direct 
conflict with ARIN-2011-10: Remove Single Aggregate Requirement from 
Specified Transfer, that reached consensus at the PPM and has been sent 
to last call, the AC has abandoned ARIN-Prop-153: Correct Erroneous 
Syntax in NRPM 8.3."

The AC abandoned ARIN-2011-13 and ARIN-prop-153. Anyone dissatisfied 
with these decisions may initiate a petition. The petition to advance 
ARIN-2011-13 would be the "Last Call Petition." The petition to advance 
prop-153 would be the "Discussion Petition." The deadline to begin a 
petition will be five business days after the AC's draft meeting minutes 
are published. For more information on starting and participating in 
petitions, see PDP Petitions at:

Draft Policy and Proposal texts are available at:

The ARIN Policy Development Process can be found at:


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