[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-154 Shared Space for IPv4 Address Extension (w/IETF

Pham, Chuong D Chuong.D.Pham at team.telstra.com
Tue Jul 12 02:04:13 EDT 2011


The proposed /10 address range could be used as an additional RFC1918 address block for a medium size service provider without resorting to NAT444 (assume such a service provider has suitably customer growth rate and a good IPv6 migration strategy in place).

I propose, if feasible, the range is increased to a /8 to make this option of not resorting to NAT444 to be possible to the larger proportion of medium to medium-large service providers who need the extra Private IPv4 addresses, but not large enough to adopt NAT444.

Other than that, I fully support ARIN-prop-154 as written.

Please disclose the proposed range as early as possible as we have a pressing need to deploy it in our network.


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