[arin-ppml] [Fwd: Draft Policy 2011-5: Shared Transition Space for IPv4 Address Extension]

William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Tue Feb 22 11:08:41 EST 2011

On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 10:19 AM, George, Wes E [NTK]
<Wesley.E.George at sprint.com> wrote:
>> What I expect will happen is that they will, instead, each seek large allocations from ARIN to
>> support their NAT444 intermediary addresses and get them under current policies, thus accelerating
>> IPv4 exhaustion.
> [WEG] We're going around in circles again. If they were able to justify this allocation, they would
> have already requested it (prior to IANA exhaust) in an effort to reduce or eliminate the need for
> NAT in the first place.


What makes you think they haven't? Have you looked at Verizon
Wireless' holdings lately?

I'd like to see those addresses come on the market. If they're tied up
doing NAT444, they can't.


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