[arin-ppml] Proposal insanity --- an open letter

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Mon Feb 21 23:24:23 EST 2011

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> The one thing that is clear is that the IPv4 resources in the ARIN
> region will become the most untraceable mess possible because the
> continued arrogance about 'need' will drive most market participants to
> avoid letting ARIN in on the activities. 

<sigh> Couldn't have said it better myself.

However, you seem to misinterpret both the intent and the effect of 133, which as I understand it is a big step away from the arrogance you decry. The point of that proposal is not to force anyone to give up resources but to make room for the changes that need to happen to avoid the "untraceable mess"

Also, to say that ipv4 is "baked" and therefore we should stop talking about it or developing policies for it misses the crucial fact that no one can jump to pure ipv6 without cutting themselves off from most of the internet. "Implementing ipv6" in reality means "implementing dual stack" - now and for the next ten years at least. How do you do dual stack without any ipv4, do tell?  


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