[arin-ppml] inevitability of NAT?

Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
Tue Feb 8 15:09:47 EST 2011

Due to device (storage) limitations D-Link wasn't able to put a firewall in
many of its IPv-6 capable releases for its different hardware models, but
DIR-655 is supposed to support SPI.


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  and end users all have an interest in
> avoiding NAT.

wrong.  End users absolutely need inexpensive - and I'm talking $60 and
under - stateful packet inspection hardware firewalls.

So far the only devices that meet that criteria are NAT devices.

Even the few SOHO CPE's like the D-link and Cisco RVS4000 that
implement IPv6 do NOT include stateful packet inspection in their
CPE's on the IPv6 part of it.


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