[arin-ppml] Appology from the Gymnasium Querfurt regarding Christopher Mettin

Not Doctor X notdoctorx at yahoo.ca
Sat Jan 16 09:38:05 EST 2010

This is Not Doctor X posting to the ARIN-PPML. This is Joe Baptista posting under another email address because my regular email address has been blocked or censored from posting to the ARIN-PPML list. I am however receiving email from the list. I'm sure this is an oversight which will be corrected soon. I believe that Christopher Mettin is also being blocked from posting.

In any case I am pleased to provide notice to the community that I received a letter from Dr. Hans Daumer the principle of the Gymnasium Querfurt High School. Dr. Daumer has apologized to me and I accept Dr. Daumer's apology. A copy of the apology is indexed at the following URL:


It is clear from a reading of this correspondence from Dr. Daumer that Christopher Mettin has deceived and mislead the membership. Mr. Mettin has no authority to represent the school nor did he ever have that authority. The claims made by Mettin here connecting his school the Gymnasium Querfurt to any of his projects for higher education are false. We can safely dismiss Mr. Mettin's claims as false bogus statements made in support of a scam to get IP numbers.

I will now make my submissions to the ARIN AUP Committee under separate cover.

kindest regards
joe baptista

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