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In the light of the sheer size of the database, and increasing numbers of
records, I cannot disagree. I was also reminded by a friend yesterday that
the definition of Privacy is undergoing substantial change in both
Government and Private sector spheres and the use of Social networks is I
think responsible for a need to rethink what we mean by it.

ARIN then as a community resource should be the preferred trusted custodian
of all levels of privacy pertaining to number resources and determine policy
for levels of access in the interests of the community.

> There is to some extent some community self-auditing that is done.
> If one needs to contact an operator and discovers that the contact
> information is incorrect, maybe that one could be flagged somehow for
> audit as opposed to doing a blanket audit of all of them.  A top to
> bottom audit would take considerable human resources and most of them
> would probably be correct anyway.  And most of those that are incorrect
> would be people who aren't having issues.  A lot of time would be spent
> locating and correcting records that aren't causing a problem.
> The ones that are related to some sort of issue AND are incorrect would
> tend to surface rather quickly and people would find them in the course
> of their normal operations.
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> My take on this is not whether there is whois info or not. whois info is
> a must have. And accurate whois information is important to ARIN.
> The system we create for collecting that info is in question as is
> ...what info. is available to whom. Where a reallocation has an isp (for
> eg) as a contact because the isp agrees to be, my thinking is that ARIN
> needs to have all the info. on the reallocation and in many cases, the
> information available to the public is not as detailed as the info.
> which is available to ARIN.
> We also need to decide on the level of accuracy required for ARIN
> records and that ultimately  determines what we put in place. I think
> I'm getting the view that the current whois database is a little way off
> the required standard?? And there would seem to be much use of the or
> maybe abuse of the current system as suggested by the 2006 audit.
> RD
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