[arin-ppml] *Spam?* Re: Discussion Petition of ARIN-prop-125 Efficient Utilization of IPv4 Requires Dual-Stack

Chris Grundemann cgrundemann at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 11:29:09 EST 2010

On Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 08:52, Kevin Kargel <kkargel at polartel.com> wrote:
> Umm, If you say that the only way I can have any IPv4 is if I have working IPv6 seems to be an attempt to force me to adopt IPv6.

Well, prop-125 states that if an org wants any *more/new* IPv4
addresses, they need to show that they are actively deploying
production IPv6. The requirement is to use new IPv4 addresses in the
most efficient way (the policy does not force anyone to request new
IPv4, only to use it in the communities best interest if they do).

> What are you going to do about the multitude of networks that have no access to native IPv6?

What am I going to do personally? Well, for one, I work for a backbone
provider that offers IPv6 throughout the US. For another, I am working
to connect folks who need to deploy IPv6 with those who can help:
http://www.theipv6experts.net. I am also supporting prop-125 which has
the potential to encourage more access to native IPv6.

> Yes there are areas in the country where no backbone provider offers IPv6.  Tunneling is not a good solution for production services.

Precisely why we need a policy such as this.

As I tried to state in my lengthier message: The transition will not
be without pain. The primary reason for this pain is that folks did
not deploy IPv6 in time (which includes demanding that their
upstreams, their vendors and maybe even their neighbors, support
IPv6). No one who needs more IPv4 is going to get all that they need
at this point. The question that remains is who should we reward with
the crumbs: Those who did not act, who still have not acted _or_ the
folks who listened and who did deploy (or at least are now deploying)
IPv6? In both scenarios organizations will be hurt, perhaps even
destroyed but that does not make the two choices equal. Leave the
trees for a moment and do the right thing for the forest.


> Kevin


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