[arin-ppml] Discussion Petition of ARIN-prop-125 Efficient Utilization of IPv4 Requires Dual-Stack

William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Mon Dec 27 13:13:07 EST 2010

On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 12:43 PM, Robert E. Seastrom
<ppml at rs.seastrom.com> wrote:
> William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> writes:
>> So could submitting a more modest proposal along the lines of:
>> Organizations shall be ineligible to receive new IPv4 address
>> allocations, assignments and transfers from ARIN unless:
>> 1. The organization has previously received an IPv6 allocation or
>> assignment from ARIN or another RIR, or
>> 2. The organization demonstrates that it has deployed an IPv6 network
>> continuously connected to the Internet.
> It would appear that deploying an Apple Airport Extreme and ticking
> the 6to4 box would satisfy requirement #2.  What is it exactly that
> you are trying to accomplish?

2. The organization demonstrates that it has deployed a SUBSTANTIVE
IPv6 network connected to the Internet.


>> Try something along these lines and if the AC still drops the ball,
>> I'll support your petition.
> I must take issue with your suggestion that the AC "dropped the ball".

Allow me to rephrase: IF the AC dumps even a modest proposal to tie
continued eligibility for IPv4 to deployment of IPv6 THEN I would
consider the AC to have dropped the ball and would therefore support a
petition to override the AC's judgment. As it stands, I think the AC
made the right call on proposal 125, hence I do not support the
petition to move it forward to formal discussion.

> In the same vein, I also encourage you to consider that the whole
> concept, while well-intentioned, is simply "made of fail" when it
> comes time to actually implement it.

Maybe. My working assumption is that its a PIA to -get started-
working with IPv6. Once started, enough folks will follow through to
build up the critical mass needed to make it all happen. If that
assumption is valid, then a proposal that merely requires folks to get
started with their IPv6 deployment will get the job done. If that
assumption proves wrong, then we might consider more forceful
policy... but what do we lose trying the lighter hand first?

Bill Herrin

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