[arin-ppml] Discussion Petition of ARIN-prop-125 Efficient Utilization of IPv4 Requires Dual-Stack

Robert E. Seastrom ppml at rs.seastrom.com
Mon Dec 27 12:43:13 EST 2010

William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> writes:

> So could submitting a more modest proposal along the lines of:
> Organizations shall be ineligible to receive new IPv4 address
> allocations, assignments and transfers from ARIN unless:
> 1. The organization has previously received an IPv6 allocation or
> assignment from ARIN or another RIR, or
> 2. The organization demonstrates that it has deployed an IPv6 network
> continuously connected to the Internet.

It would appear that deploying an Apple Airport Extreme and ticking
the 6to4 box would satisfy requirement #2.  What is it exactly that
you are trying to accomplish?

> Try something along these lines and if the AC still drops the ball,
> I'll support your petition.

I must take issue with your suggestion that the AC "dropped the ball".

The AC voted overwhelmingly to decline to accept a policy proposal
onto the docket because (among other things) it artificially puts
constraints on network architecture and deployment schedules
(something ARIN never does), while representing a late and gratuitous
change to IPv4 allocation policies.

This is a matter of the Policy Development Process working exactly as
designed.  "Dropping the ball" suggests abrogation of responsibility
or negligence, neither of which are exhibited here.

I encourage you to continue working towards a concise and balanced
proposal regarding v6 deployment as a prerequisite for v4 address
space if you believe such a thing is necessary to accomplish some goal
(which should be well-stated in the "rationale" section.  

In the same vein, I also encourage you to consider that the whole
concept, while well-intentioned, is simply "made of fail" when it
comes time to actually implement it.

> Baby steps. Attempt the less intrusive approaches before considering
> the more intrusive ones.

Agree wholeheartedly.


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