[arin-ppml] Is Emergency action warranted for Policy Proposal 123: Reserved Pool for Critical Infrastructure?

Leo Bicknell bicknell at ufp.org
Tue Dec 7 13:41:01 EST 2010

In a message written on Tue, Dec 07, 2010 at 01:28:27PM -0500, Milton L Mueller wrote:
> Only definition I can find is NPRM 6.10.1. Do we have a precise definition or understanding of what is a "public exchange point" and a "core DNS service provider"? In a world of 5,000 TLDs, do all g and cc TLDs have the same status?  

Section 4.4:

   ARIN will make micro-allocations to critical infrastructure providers of
   the Internet, including public exchange points, core DNS service
   providers (e.g. ICANN-sanctioned root, gTLD, and ccTLD operators) as
   well as the RIRs and IANA.  [...]

Note that the root and ccTLD's are very slow changing.  Countries
don't come and go that quickly. :)

I could potentially see a little concern in the gTLD space.  ICANN
could add 5 every decade, or could add 200k next year.  I think the
latter is unlikely, and thus the policy/defintion as it exists gives
me no pause.

I have no hard data on exchange point groth rates, but my gut tells
me that's a pretty darn low rate of growth as well.

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