[arin-ppml] Is Emergency action warranted for Policy Proposal 123: Reserved Pool for Critical Infrastructure?

Leo Bicknell bicknell at ufp.org
Tue Dec 7 09:10:49 EST 2010

I am not a big fan of using the "emergency" provisions of the PDP.
I found the Board's action to use the emergency PDP back in March
of 2009 inappropriate, and complained at the time.  I believe that
in general, extraordinary efforts should be made to use the normal
PDP process before going to the emergency PDP.  Emergency really
should mean there are absolutely no other viable options left.

That said, 122 and 123 might pass the bar.  We have a triggered
event, handling out the last 5 /8's, which is now out of ARIN's
hands.  That's not a theoretical might happen, it's a will happen.
While we can't predict the date with 100% accuracy, we can bound
it pretty tightly.  There seems to be strong consensus that it will
be triggered before the next meeting (April 10-13), and even stronger
that it would be triggered before the normal policy process could
happen (requiring at least one AC and Board meeting post the April

In short, if the AC concludes 122 or 123 has strong community support
I believe that necessitates the use of the emergency PDP in order
to get them done before external events make them impossible.

I do believe the AC should do exactly the sort of thing that is
going on here, and make it quite clear the Emergency PDP may be
used in this case, request comments, and respond to feedback.  When
using the Emergency PDP we should stay as close as possible to
"normal" process, the fact that we have to use it doesn't mean we
throw everything out.

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