[arin-ppml] Example SILO (or SandBox) 4/6

IPv3.com ipv3.com at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 22:54:33 EDT 2010

Example SILO (or SandBox) 4/6
016/8  Digital Equipment Corporation                  1994-11
017/8  Apple Computer Inc.                            1992-07
018/8  MIT                                            1994-01
019/8  Ford Motor Company                             1995-05

In the Post IANA & RIR approach, the above 4 /8s would be grouped and
since IPv4 is "Full" and completely
and efficiently utilized, people from the above organizations would
Self-Govern SandBox 4/6.
They would be like a mini-IANA for only those 4 /8s.

There would also be many /12s inside that SandBox. What those would
look like and how they are governed
would be left to the bottom-up process. Since IPv4 is "Full" and
completely and efficiently utilized those /12s
would likely have people with an interest.

With only 64 SandBoxes, there would likely be some sort of global
coordination emerge. In general, people
could stay in their SandBoxes and Silos.

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