[arin-ppml] Post IANA & RIR IPv4 Address Space Management Silos

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Wed Apr 28 22:29:52 EDT 2010

Post IANA & RIR IPv4 Address Space Management Silos

Historically the IPv4 Address Space has been managed based on /8s with
256 rows in the table.

Using a /6 View there would be 64 rows or Silos
Using a /12 View there would be 4096 Silos
Using the 6-bit Alphabet (64 Symbols) each of the /12 Silos would have
Two Symbols LL with case-sensitive
[LL could be US Us uS us or CA Ca cA ca]
Each of the /12 Silos would be included in one of the 64 Silos

Each of the 64 Silos could be self-governed in a bottom-up manner by
the /12 Silos
People, governments, TLD Registries, cats, dogs, ISPs, RIRs, etc.
could find their place(s) in the 4096 Silos

Artificial (arbitrary?) rules would not allow blocks to be aggregated
(managed) across Silos at either level.
Trading, leasing, grey-markets, black-markets, etc. may vary from one
Silo to the next. Birds of a feather...blah blah blah

Some simple site(s) can be used to display the various Silos & Community links.
FREE services such as http://NING.com could be used to set up 4096
Silos (each a FB-like Community)

The /6 & /12 are arbitrary & artificial but tied to the 64 Symbol set.
0-9 A-Z a@ b♠ c© d♦ e= f☺ g& h# i| j♫ k♣ l( m₪ n! o* p% q♥ r) s$ t~ u_
v^ w? x☼ y¥ z▒ -™ .® ~ 6 bits per Symbol

People may find that a New look at an old table allows them a new beginning...

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