[arin-ppml] Joe Baptista is an Internet Terrorist known for attacking several Internet companies and even my school

Christopher Mettin cmettin at gqbc-online.com
Sat Nov 28 20:55:38 EST 2009

ARIN Community,

The following message was sent recently to the ARIN mailing list by an
Internet terrorist known as Joe Baptista.

>OK - before someone end up donating addresses and gets involved in a fraud
- I think it's time for a little >backgrounder on Christopher Mettin.
>What Chris needs are a few blocks of /24 to setup a root system based on
what I know of him. Thats what I think >he is going on about - that they
need fixed IP. About the only protocol widely used still requiring fixed IP
>for the root cache.
>Be careful I have been unable to confirm what he is doing is even
authorized by the school. If you feel so >inclined to provide /24 blocks to
them - make sure a responsible adult from the school signs on the dotted
>line, takes responsibility and absolves you of any legal liability.
>I do however support his initial point. These are only numbers and ARIN
RIPE APNIC et. al. are making a killing >for just providing a database
function - the rest as far as I can see is mainly hype and make work
projects. I >think thats been mentioned before.

A few months ago my school has been attacked by this guy. He did already
make an entire company shut down. His best weapons are lies.

All that started when he was fired by the Public Root in 2005. We have been
assigned a domain by a company affiliated with the Public Root Ltd. and so
we became a major target to him. He sends his emails from a domain
publishing a website of a "PublicRoot Consortium" which does not exist. The
contact address of this consortium is a private home in an Ontarian suburb.
Sending emails using this domain he tries to make people believe he is an
official employee of the Public Root.

The IP addresses shall be in no way used with any root system.

For further reference on Joe Baptista, see

Sincerely yours,
Christopher Mettin
Gymnasium Querfurt High School

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