[arin-ppml] FRAUD ALERT Re: Continuation: Policy Change Request: IP Address Assignment to Educational and Non-Commercial Organizations

Joe Baptista baptista at publicroot.org
Sat Nov 28 20:40:21 EST 2009

OK - before someone end up donating addresses and gets involved in a fraud -
I think it's time for a little backgrounder on Christopher Mettin.


What Chris needs are a few blocks of /24 to setup a root system based on
what I know of him. Thats what I think he is going on about - that they need
fixed IP. About the only protocol widely used still requiring fixed IP for
the root cache.

Be careful I have been unable to confirm what he is doing is even authorized
by the school. If you feel so inclined to provide /24 blocks to them - make
sure a responsible adult from the school signs on the dotted line, takes
responsibility and absolves you of any legal liability.

I do however support his initial point. These are only numbers and ARIN RIPE
APNIC et. al. are making a killing for just providing a database function -
the rest as far as I can see is mainly hype and make work projects. I think
thats been mentioned before.

joe baptista

On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 7:00 PM, Christopher Mettin <cmettin at gqbc-online.com
> wrote:

> We just need maybe 2 or 3 blocks containing up to 255 hosts (of IP v4
> addresses).
> We have partner schools in several US states. We plan to create a program
> allowing us to share classroom resources and to communicate directly.
> Unfortunately, our ISPs assign us dynamic IP addresses only and thus they
> change every 24 hours. Static IP addresses allow us to allow a connection
> establishment without allowing people other than our students to join. But
> having dynamic IP addresses only, we are forced to allow access by the
> entire ISP subnet which could mean a potential harm to our network.
> Can anyone provide us with a bunch of addresses?
> We would be very grateful. But such a chance should available to anyone
> else
> of the named parties as well.
> Thank you.
> Sincerely yours,
> Christopher Mettin
> Gymnasium Querfurt High School
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> From: Christopher Mettin [mailto:cmettin at gqbc-online.com]
> Sent: Saturday, November 28, 2009 2:27 PM
> To: arin-ppml at arin.net
> Subject: [arin-ppml] Policy Change Request: IP Address Assignment to
> Educational and Non-Commercial Organizations
> To the American Regional IP Network Community,
> Don't you think that current ARIN fees exceeds the true value of IP
> addresses? Actually, they are just numbers, and ARIN is in charge by IANA
> to
> assign these IP's to people in all North America. For commercial companies
> with revenues of several Million Dollars a year these IP address blocks
> assigns are affordable. But smaller non-commercial organizations and even
> schools cannot pay for them.
> Especially for high schools, colleges, and smaller universities such prices
> can mean a harm to their classroom project, thus they mean a harm to
> education.
> ARIN should change their policies to waive the fees for educational
> institutions and non-commercial organizations.
> Thank you.
> Sincerely yours,
> Christopher Mettin
> Gymnasium Querfurt High School
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