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ARIN received the following policy proposal and is posting it to the
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The AC will review the proposal at their next regularly scheduled
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less than 10 days, then the period may be extended to the subsequent
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proposal and announce the decision to the PPML.

In the meantime, the AC invites everyone to comment on the proposal on
the PPML, particularly their support or non-support and the reasoning
behind their opinion. Such participation contributes to a thorough
vetting and provides important guidance to the AC in their deliberations.

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Policy Proposal Name: IPv4 Example Shortages

Proposal Originator:Martin J. Levy

Proposal Version: 1.0

Date: 20 May 2009

Proposal type: new

Policy term: permanent

Policy statement:

Add section 4.1.8 to the NRPM to state:

4.1.8 IPv4 Example Shortages

Beginning on January 1, 2010, and on the first of each January and July
thereafter, for a period of 7 calendar days, ARIN will not process
requests from existing IPv4 holders for additional IPv4 space.


The IANA is expected to issue the last of the available IPv4 address
space to RIRs some time in 2011.  RIRs are expected to run out
approximately one year later.  These brief delays should be minimal (no)
impact to organizations with existing space wanting more, but, can
provide a brief but visible glimpse into the future that awaits after

Organizations which fail to plan for these delays will have the option
of waiting for ARIN to issue their space, or, can avail themselves of
the transfer policy contained in section 8.3 of the NRPM (resulting from
policy proposals 2008-6 and 2009-1). The cost of these delays will be
minimal compared to what will happen when space simply is no longer

This policy has no impact on IPv6 assignments or allocations and has no
impact on new organizations making their first IPv4 request.

Timetable for implementation: 1 January 2010

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