[arin-ppml] Large hole in IPv6 assignment logic

Dave Temkin dave at temk.in
Mon Jun 8 18:48:33 EDT 2009

I'm going to attempt to keep this brief, but here goes:

Recently, I received a /48.  After beginning our rollout, I quickly 
discovered that we'd need a /44 at the very least.  See, I have multiple 
networks that are not interconnected by a common backbone, and so a 
single /48 would leave me with a useless routing domain given that most 
people prefix filter at le /48.

Currently, each OrgID is entitled to only one /48.  Under IPv4, if you 
operate separate, disparate networks you're allowed to request multiple 
blocks under the Multiple Discrete Networks policy.  No such policy 
exists for IPv6, however it's been proposed here:  

I'd love to hear suggestions on workarounds until such the proposed 
policy would be voted on and implemented. PA addressing is not a viable 

If we expect IPv6 adoption to have a significant uptick we need to take 
away silly barriers to addressing such as this and make address 
assignments accessible for the common ASP or Enterprise - and right now 
it's definitely not.


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