[arin-ppml] 2008-6: Emergency Transfer Policy for IPv4 Addresses

Scott Beuker scott.beuker at sjrb.ca
Mon Sep 29 18:53:04 EDT 2008

Hi David,

I'm curious; when you envision a world with a transfer policy like
in place, and total exhaustion from ARIN's standpoint, what do envision
ratio of buyers to sellers to be? 1:1? 10:1? Perhaps worse?

The problem I have with the idea that a liberal transfer policy is going
make address space available to my company, is I envision a world were
10% of the demand or less can be met. That's a pretty crazy sellers
I doubt we'd be willing to pay through the nose to get it under such
circumstances in order to get such a scarce resource, and that means we
and another 90% would have accomplished nothing.

Taking that a step further, the question then becomes a little more
philosophical for me: If we're not going to be able to acquire any
space anyway, do we want to see those who were holding address space
didn't need this entire time financially rewarded for doing so?

Don't get me wrong, I'm still on the fence on this issue! But what I'm
trying to point out here is that while doing nothing is fairly obviously
not a solution, I think you'd have to be extremely optimistic about all
the address space that would come to market to think a liberal transfer
policy like 2008-6 does anything for the vast majority of us either.

Scott Beuker

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> On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 04:14:34PM -0500, Kevin Kargel wrote:
> > YES!  People really are so worried about introducing money to the
> > transaction.
> >
> > I do not want to end up going to eBay for address space.
> I'm not either, but as we run out of space, the choices seem, to me,
> be either eBay, or you just can't get it.  Given "pay" or "no", I
> choose the former...especially if the requests are getting properly
> examined by a third-party with an interest in efficientcy and validity
> of the transfer, and not the money involved, i.e., ARIN.
> I'm also pretty certain the transfers for money will take place
> we all like it or not.  I'd rather have it legitimized by ARIN, rather
> than a complete black market.
> I really don't like it, but I don't see a practical alternative.
> Depending on the good will of those who have space and don't need it
> has never worked to well, in my opinion.
> -David
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