[arin-ppml] "IPv6 and the Business-Case Skeptics" (slashdot)

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Suggest that you take a take look at the source Network World chat that
prompted the Slashdot article.

Title: Experts make a solid business case for IPv6



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>   "satisfied with all of its Internet services"  <--this might be empty.

>   I guess that also means, "has no plans for expansion"


it's the wrong rubrik.  folks happy with ipv4 will need to run dual stack in
order to reach the people who will come later on and not be able to get
enough ipv4 or won't want to pay for it or are, for whatever reason, not
satisfied with THEIR ipv4-only internet services.


so expansion is a barbell.  you can run out of ipv4, or other people can,
and either way you've got to run dual-stack as soon as economically
possible, and the economics are actually quite favourable (i.e., it's kinda
cheap.) _______________________________________________


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"Experts keep screaming that the IPv4 sky is falling. Three such experts
were recently asked point-blank to state an irrefutable business case for
moving to IPv6 now, and their answer was more plausible than the old refrain
(the lack of addresses and a yet-to-be-seen killer IPv6 app). They said that
there isn't a business case. No company that is satisfied with all of its
Internet services will need to move, even in the next few years. They also
pointed out that Microsoft is a unique position in the industry both causing
and hindering adoption IPv6 causing through its IPv6 support in its OSes,
and hindering by not extending IPv6 support into very many of its apps."




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