[arin-ppml] would you support a proposal to tighten usage documentation requirements?

Jo Rhett jrhett at svcolo.com
Wed Sep 17 20:39:24 EDT 2008

I'd like to get some feedback on the following.  Just tell me if you  
think it's a good idea or not.  The specifics would have to be  
hammered out, obviously.  This is a "thumbs up/down" poll.

Problem: right now the NRPM doesn't document explicitly what  
information to provide to document usage information.  Many non-ARIN  
people read it and get the impression that saying "I have 50 hosts" is  
enough to justify their usage.  Section says "No. of  
Internal Machines".

Talking with ARIN staff, they agree that explicit examples might be a  
good thing to have in the book.  They do *not* feel that limiting the  
input to a specific format would go over well, but it would certainly  
make their job easier.

I therefore propose to write up a policy proposal with the following  
goals.  Tell me whether or not you'd support it.  I hate pissing  
upwind, so I'm only going to spend time doing this if enough of you  
guys and gals think this is a good idea.

1. Replace section with some explicit examples of acceptable  

2. Change the NRPM wording to say that any documentation provided that  
doesn't match the supplied guidelines will be evaluated on a case-by- 
case basis.

NOTE: This would not change ARIN acceptance guidelines.  This would  
simply better document the existing evaluation process.


A. Codify the acceptable format(s) in a way which is easy for us to  
machine generate.  (starting with the formats we use today so no  
change is necessary)

B. Change the NRPM to require submission in one of the documented  

NOTE: This *would* change ARIN acceptance guidelines by limiting the  
acceptable submission format.  It would not otherwise change the  
acceptance guidelines.

Frankly, I'm in favor of the latter (alphabetic one) though that will  
come as no surprise to anyone who knows me.  But I'd happily write up  
and support the former (numeric) proposal because it would vastly  
improve the current situation.

And before you reply, repeat after me "Neither of these proposals  
would actually change whether or not a given usage would be acceptable  
for a given allocation size."

Jo Rhett
senior geek

Silicon Valley Colocation
Support Phone: 408-400-0550

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