[arin-ppml] A compromise on legacy space?

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Thu Sep 11 18:49:50 EDT 2008

On 10 Sep 2008 Brian Johnson wrote:

> The good news is that there will be no legacy space in IPv6. If/when
> we move to IPv6 this is a non-issue.

I don't know about that, there are always Legacy issues.  I suspect in 10 or 
20 years everyone who got IPv6 space now will be the cause of some kind 
of Legacy issue.  Thank god it will be different than the current IPv4 Legacy 
issue.  So in a very narrow way, you are correct the specific issues of IPv4 
Legacy will not be an issue.  But there will be a legacy issue, as sure as 
technology marches on, it is just a fact of life in technology.  No one has any 
idea what it will be, if they did, we could plan to avoid it.  But there will be a 
legacy issue with IPv6.

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