[arin-ppml] A compromise on legacy space?

Robert E. Seastrom ppml at rs.seastrom.com
Wed Sep 10 11:49:35 EDT 2008

"Jeremy H. Griffith" <jhg at omsys.com> writes:

> Also, if it doesn't already, ARIN should accept credit
> cards, or at least PayPal, for this fee.  That eliminates
> the nuisance of getting a PO out to cut a check.

This has been the case for ages now.


   Submission of Payment
   When completing ARIN's online billing forms, organizations may choose
   between two payment options:

      Immediate online payment by credit card (American Express, Discover,
      MasterCard, and Visa)
      Receive an invoice for payment by check or wire transfer

I don't think they take PayPal, e-gold, Linden Dollars, or any other
form of non-traditional payment, though...  :-)

That said, I think quibbling about $25 vs $100 for the yearly fee is
really kind of missing the point - ARIN has been charging $100/year
for directory services for ASNs for a long time.  That's $100/year to
keep your OrgID warm and make contact periodically, it has nothing to
do with the size of the allocation or number of objects your OrgID
points at...  if you (like I) have two legacy /24s and a legacy ASN,
your cost per year is still $100.


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