[arin-ppml] A compromise on legacy space?

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Wed Sep 10 09:30:12 EDT 2008

> In my case, I suspect state governments and legislatures may 
> have something to say about this.  Given the laws of 
> California as they apply to contracts with state- and 
> state-supported-agencies, I think there might be legal issues 
> in forcing legacy resources into a regular RSA. 
> But, of course, IANAL.
> michael

When it comes down to it nobody will force anybody to do anything.  People
without any agreement or who do not keep registration data current can
continue to use whatever numbers they want, they just won't be in the
database.  ARIN cannot force Legacy users to enter into an agreement, and
the Legacy users cannot force ARIN to list them in the database.  

Networks (the majority of the Internet community) who choose to use this
database will be able to easily communicate with others who use this
database.  If someone wants to communicate with a network that is not in the
database their administrator is free to make a manual route table entry.  So
long as everyone between the two endpoints has the same entry it will route
just fine.

The ARIN database is not a magic thing, it is not a law, it is not even a
requirement.  It is just a tool we use to make our lives easier so we don't
have to type route entries in to our routers or maintain our own database.
ARIN is just a service to save us all work. It is useful because many
networks choose to use it.  You could route just fine without ARIN if you
could just exchange route entries with everyone you need to communicate with
and all their transit peers.

The reason this functions and works is cooperative anarchy. This is a good
thing. Nobody forces anyone to do anything and if you cooperate and play by
negotiated guidelines (RFC's) then everything works.  Simple, cheap and
effective.  What could be better?

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