[arin-ppml] ARIN releases new version of the Legacy Registration

Cort Buffington cort at kanren.net
Sun Sep 7 10:04:15 EDT 2008

When I read Eric's post, which is outstanding by the way, I recall  
what my fears were when I read the first LRSA offered to me (I have  
not had time to read the new one yet). The way things were worded make  
me feel kind of like this:

"So this looks pretty good, except all of the language protecting  
ARIN's ability to arbitrarily change the agreement in any way at any  

And the first one did pretty much read that way. It's going to take a  
long, long time to regain my trust. Interestingly enough, I trusted  
ARIN before the one-sided contract and extortive sounding tactics of  
the original LRSA. Whether intended or not, that's the way it came  
across to me.


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>>> 1.  Many legacy holders (myself included) want to formalize a
>> relationship
>>> with ARIN, and even engage in financial participation;
>> An excellent start.
>>> 2.  Many legacy holders (myself included) are reluctant, to put it
>>> mildly, to sacrifice ultimate control of their number
>> resources -- and
>>> even more so to pay for the dubious privilege;
> I see that.  Can you specify in excrutiating detail what
> control you yield?  I think you mean that you don't believe
> you should be required to release your address space under
> any circumstances.  I think the few circumstances remaining
> in the LRSA are reasonable; can you list the ones you think
> are unfair?
> Let me put my perspective this way. . . we worked hard to
> rewrite the LRSA so that the only circumstances under which
> you would cede your addresses to ARIN were under your control.
> By "we" I mean "that's what I was trying to do."
>> 	5.  If any legacy holdings are to be seized, the
>> prevailing sentiment seems to prefer doing so with the
>> unreachable and/or apathetic holders, and not with the
>> cooperative and participating ones;
> I'm not sure I've seen that stated explicitly, but that seems
> like a reasonable preference.  That would include falling
> out of touch/compliance with the LRSA, too (if signed).
>> 	6.  Finally, by many if not all accounts, reallocating,
>> reclaiming, and/or revoking legacy holdings simply isn't
>> likely to ameliorate ipv4 exhaustion (or ramifications
>> thereof) to any truly significant or meaningful degree.
> I concede that.  That's why I didn't argue that legacy holders
> must be able to show utilization (whether under current
> policies, RFC2050, or the policies or use stated at the time
> of original assignment).
>> Eric
> Thank you for your reasonable tone and contribution.
> Lee
> Disclaimer:  I wrote this, nobody else, and it's entirely possible
> that other Board members, ARIN staff, General Counsel, or my wife
> will disagree or remember differently.
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