[arin-ppml] IPv6 Heretic thoughts

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Fri Sep 5 12:51:07 EDT 2008

> I am not sure I understand your point here. Exactly what  
> infrastructure
> changes did you suggest that would ensure someone in the 2-way radio
> space that they would "never be unable to get frequencies?"
> Further, if you were advising the FCC in the mid-1980s (as I was) and
> they were faced with 6-10 different radio services contending for the
> same narrow band of frequencies, how would you have told them to  
> handle
> the contention for the resource if not through auctions?
The FCC auction system has had numerous problems.  Were the FCC
to apply auctioning across the board, how much spectrum do you think
would still be available to Amateur Radio Operations or Public Services
as primary users?  What if the Military had to add their spectrum  
into their budget?

The reality is that the FCC has chosen a non-auction mechanism for the
vast majority of spectrum and uses auctions to dispense what is left
after they have allocated spectrum to non-commercial uses that are
considered important by the FCC.

This is a VERY GOOD thing as the results of pure auctioning would
be terrible and produce a spectrum chart that did not work at all well
with the rest of the world (which would be especially tragic in the
HF bands).

I think that what would happen if you turned the entire RF spectrum
over to the auction process is an excellent example of why dollars
might not be the best method for measuring where IP addresses
should go.


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