[arin-ppml] An ARIN request to return address space as a service to community?

Iljitsch van Beijnum iljitsch at muada.com
Fri Sep 5 11:07:59 EDT 2008

On 5 sep 2008, at 7:16, John Curran wrote:

> While I agree that it is simple, elegant, and in keeping with the  
> spirit
> of "old Internet", is there any chance that the request will also be
> seen
> as "quaint" and/or perhaps "out of touch with reality"?  Would that
> matter?

Observation: about a quarter of the legacy /8s are held by various US  
government entities. How about instigating an effort in Washington to  
get a significant part of that returned?

I'm sure a lot of that DOD space is used for military purposes, but I  
should hope that that stuff isn't connected to the public internet. If  
it isn't, that space can be reused, with the only issue being the  
systems that must connect to both the public internet and the private  
military systems.

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