[arin-ppml] An ARIN request to return address space as a service to community?

Bill Darte BillD at cait.wustl.edu
Fri Sep 5 07:48:48 EDT 2008

I think that often it is necessary to deviate from the norm...like it or not. This may be such a time.

But, I think that whenever possible one should state the principles upon which one operates or wishes to do so.

Making a statement like the one I proposed...if the Board actually believed that they wished the outcome of freely returned addresses...would establish how the Board wished the system to operate and would explicitly encouraged appropriate behavior.

Regardless of whether the expression is received as quaint or out of touch, the BoT could proceed based upon whatever outcomes are reached.  Lots of addresses returned, great.  No addresses returned, next option.  Derision and chiding...ask those who do so for a better proposal.

I suspect that the BoT perceives it has done what I propose already implicitly, but I for one would like to see a similar statement issued especially to those who have so much and use so little.... to establish once and for all that the BoT believes the right thing to do is to return those resources to the community.

Again, personally.  I do not request that this statement or another similar be made.  That is for others to decide.  I merely answered Lee's question on how ARIN might ask for addresses to be returned.  In the hierarchy of possibilities he posed, this seemed to be the most simple, straighforward, and consistent with how I perceive the Internet community has/should operate.


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Interesting...  I believe that requests like these have been made before
in various forms (e.g. RFC1917/BCP 4) but if folks think that ARIN  
such a request is important, I expect it could be done quite easily.

While I agree that it is simple, elegant, and in keeping with the spirit
of "old Internet", is there any chance that the request will also be  
as "quaint" and/or perhaps "out of touch with reality"?  Would that  

(purely my arrangement of bits
  in ascii-like patterns)

On Sep 4, 2008, at 12:15 PM, Lucy Lynch wrote:

> +1
> Simple, elegant, in the spirit of the "old Internet", and
> polite! How often do we see that these days?
> - Lucy
> On Thu, 4 Sep 2008, Bill Darte wrote:
>> My personal opinion is:
>> "The ARIN Board of Trustees on behalf of ARIN and the community at  
>> large
>> requests that as a service to that community, holders of address  
>> space
>> which is available to return, or which they are willing to make
>> available for return, should do so at their earliest convenience.  On
>> behalf of the community that will need these addresses as the  
>> industry
>> transitions to IPv6, ARIN thanks you."
>> bd

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