[arin-ppml] maintenance fees for legacy space holders

Cliff Bedore cliffb at cjbsys.bdb.com
Thu Sep 4 19:35:12 EDT 2008

Eric Westbrook wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 2:17 PM, Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com 
> <mailto:owen at delong.com>> wrote:
>     In my opinion, in the legacy case, the purpose of the fee
>     is to ensure that someone stands up once a year and says to
>     ARIN "Yes, I'm still using that resource and it still has meaning
>     to me. My contact information is still correct, thank you."
> If the LRSA was written to that effect and nothing else (except 
> perhaps acknowledgement of the whois/rdns services et al as 
> consideration), I'd already have signed up.  I think I could very 
> quickly get over the $100/yr fee, even if it does feel a little high 
> for the load a single-/24 guy like me represents.
> As it is, though, the LRSA contains provisions for potential seizure 
> of the resource's ultimate destiny.  That's what makes it 
> unattractive.  I'm speaking just for myself, of course, but I have 
> been seeing others in my situation posting to this list in apparent 
> agreement.

I sent out an alternate LRSA a few weeks ago to address and thus far 
have heard nothing.  I also don't have a real problem with the $100.00 ( 
OK I do but only because I'm cheap. :-) )  I keep hearing that they just 
want to update our records but the LRSA goes much further than that.

John Paul Morrison is a separate email offers reasons about why we 
should never have to pay and they make some sense but I'm still willing 
to cough up the $100.00 or something like it to keep things up to date 
and happy.

> So for me, it's not so much the monetary costs.  I'd love to pay.  
> Really, I would.  I'd just rather not hand over the house's deed in 
> order to pay the electric bill.
> $0.02,
> Eric
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