[arin-ppml] the Transfer Policy Argument Space

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Thu Sep 4 15:15:30 EDT 2008

> how are you going to get past the 
> argument that those orgs, rather than return space for free 
> today, may be able to wait a few years and sell that space to 
> the highest bidder? 

This issue should be addressed head on. Firstly, IP address selling
is not part of the organizations core business, secondly the revenue
from selling addresses will be insignificant compared to the core
revenue sources of the organization and thirdly, there will be a 
cost to getting it sold which could wipe out all or most of the
expected profit. 

This is like when Kimberly-Clarke sold off all their paper mills
to get rid of distractions to their core business which was
selling paper products to consumers, not manufacturing. Or when
Walgreens, the inventors of the malted milkshake got out of the
restaurant business even though they had 500 profitable restaurants
nationwide. They wanted to be a drugstore chain, not a restaurant

--Michael Dillon

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