[arin-ppml] the Transfer Policy Argument Space

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Thu Sep 4 12:54:51 EDT 2008

Bill Darte wrote:
> My personal opinion is:
> "The ARIN Board of Trustees on behalf of ARIN and the community at large
> requests that as a service to that community, holders of address space
> which is available to return, or which they are willing to make
> available for return, should do so at their earliest convenience.  On
> behalf of the community that will need these addresses as the industry
> transitions to IPv6, ARIN thanks you."

I think that's a great statement.  However, playing Devil's Advocate for 
a moment, how are you going to get past the argument that those orgs, 
rather than return space for free today, may be able to wait a few years 
and sell that space to the highest bidder?  Unless one believes that the 
odds of a liberalized transfer policy being adopted are exactly zero, 
it's in the org's selfish interest _not_ to return space.


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