[arin-ppml] Routing table growth, was Re: IPv4 is depleted today

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Wed Sep 3 16:25:28 EDT 2008

 The sky may be falling, but not necessarily for the tier>2 types..  

There are already multi-homed enterprises running on tiny routers exchanging
virtually no router tables and using primarily static route-maps to
distribute traffic..  I know of at least one ISP who is very happily
surviving accepting only VERY short (/8 or two AS hop) BGP advertisements
and letting his upstreams sort out return traffic..  From that perspective
the big iron is only needed at the transit ISP's who can better afford it.

The little guy is not under the gun if he is willing to rethink the way of
doing things.

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> 10. This model works "successfully" (although without any real
>     of hierarchical aggregation due to extensive PI reuse) and
>     provides us a small number of additional year of growth
>     before collapsing due to departure from RFC 2008/BCP 7.

while i am not claiming the bgp sky is not falling, we actually have no good
measurements or experiments to substantiate the arguments that we have a
particularly low ceiling.

my guess is that, with current routers, it is the multi-homed enterprise
edge that is likely to hit any wall before the big isps.  the latter may
just see an increase in the rate of needing to appease their line card
addiction.  wuzza wuzza.

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