[arin-ppml] Unique route?

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Wed Sep 3 05:05:11 EDT 2008

>  And we know that 
> there is no new magic in IPv6 routing:
> multihoming still requires a unique global route.

Not true. The route does not need to be global. There are ways to do
this with two ISPs who peer locally and cooperate to keep the traffic
flowing without actually announcing the multihomed customer's individual
route globally. Instead there is an aggregate route being announce by
both and this aggregate holds multiple multihomed customers.

Obviously, this solves the route table problem by combining a technical
action and a business action into a total solution. It's not the thing
operations people normally think of because they are not involved in the
commercial side of the business or any partnerships beyond vanilla
peering agreements.

IPv6 does contain a bit of magic here because address space is plentiful
enough that an ISP could carve off a big chunk of space to use for such
a multihoming service without worrying that it will impact their usage
stats for the next ARIN application in 6 months. That is serious magic.

--Michael Dillon

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