[ppml] Revision to 2008-3

Steve Feldman steven.feldman at cnet.com
Mon Mar 31 20:32:05 EDT 2008

> 2.8 Community Network
> A community network is a generic reference to any network that is
> operated by a group of people living in a particular local area
> organized for the purposes of delivery or provision of network  
> services
> to the residents of an incorporated or unincorporated regional
> municipality, city, town, village, rural municipality, township,  
> county,
> district or other municipality or other such geographic space, however
> designated.

I'm not entirely comfortable with this definition.

First, what if I want to donate my help operating a network in some
other community?  Would that disqualify them?

Second, I think there does have to be some notion of not-for-profit,
or some other way to prevent a community network from competing with
regular ISPs using a more favorable set of rules.

Also, I'd like to see more explanation of why the current rules for
LIRs and end users either don't apply or are unworkable for community

I do think the idea has some merit, but I can't support this proposal
it in its current form.

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