[ppml] Revision to 2008-3

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Mon Mar 31 20:06:23 EDT 2008

On 31 Mar 2008 Josh King wrote:

> Changes:
> Added section 6.5.9 as per recommendation, listing allocation and user
> requirements for Community Networks allocations. Largely based upon
> and .3, with revisions to attempt to reflect the fact that a
> Community Network is neither an end-user or LIR.

If they are neither an end-uesr or an LIR, then what are they?  

I guess I'm not clear if a Community Network will be assigning address 
space to end-users of the Community Network or if the Community Network 
will be responsible for abuse etc for the end-users?  How do you see that 

Also I've been thinking about Community Networks in general.  Should their 
be a non-profit, not-for-profit, or government sponsorship requirement, or a 
restriction from providing commercial services on a Community Network.  If 
a Community Network is allowed to be a commercial entity and/or provide 
commercial services then in what way is it different from any other ISP?  

If a Community Network is an ISP then it should have to play by the rules of 
an ISP.  If a Community Network is not an ISP, then it needs to be clear how 
it is different from an ISP, and simply giving it another name doesn't make it 
different.  I personally don't have an opinion, if a Community Network should 
be simply consider an ISP or if they are really something different, but with 
the current definition it is not clear to me what the difference is. 

Is there some kind of association of Community Networks, that has defined 
what a Community Network is?  Could they help?

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