[ppml] Policy to help the little guys

Jon Lewis jlewis at lewis.org
Thu Mar 20 01:00:17 EDT 2008

On Wed, 19 Mar 2008, Randy Bush wrote:

> i was presuming the use of a well known /16 would be so that isps could
> allow the long prefixes in that space.  as it would be the same number
> of prefixes if we gave them /24s, what's the loss?
> btw, i remember an arin meeting in denver when cja tore my head off and
> bad mouthed me behind my back for proposing /24s.  so watch out!

Too many places likely have filters for longer than /24.  Trying to 
announce /29s, even with RIR blessing from a "special" /16 would likely be 
worse than getting the first allocation from 69/8.  I'm guessing a lot 

According to 
RIPE has 3 /8s worth of space in which the longest prefix given out is 
/29.  Are any of you accepting up to /29 in 193/8 and 194/7?

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