[ppml] Markets, pricing, transparency, 2008-2 / 8.3.9

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Wed Mar 19 23:58:38 EDT 2008

> >> The "market" would and does exist independant of ARIN.  ...
> > can you give us a ferinstance?
> and then have net.vigilantes descend on them?

it's hard to make policy in the current information vacuum.

> you're kidding, right?

i wasn't.  i'm not doubting jo's word.  i'm trying to understand the
magnitude of the described market.  i'd like to know whether it's the
kind of thing that will move into an ARIN framework if any, or whether
it'll die if ARIN adopts a framework.  i'd like to know if it's dozens
of "trades" per hour, per day, per year, or what.

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