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> Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 10:57:46 +0900
> From: Randy Bush <randy at psg.com>
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> > The problem is *very* well known, and there ain't much we can do  
> > about it other than try to contain it until we can afford to upgrade  
> > all of our hardware to accept that many routes.
> how many additional routes does pi multihoming cause over pa?  how many
> additional routes does /29 multihoming cause over /24?

1. None. PI/PA is a total red herring. A route in the FIB is the same
   and the router has no idea if it came from the upstream or via direct
   allocation from an RIR.

2. None, but it you had out /29s, you will probably many prefixes in the
   DMZ from the same space that would otherwise be only one.

The reality is that extending life of IPv4 address space and controlling
the size of the DMZ are in direct opposition. The only real answer is to
stop expanding the IPv4 network and the only way I see that happening
is general use of IPv6 by end systems. That's both servers and
eyeballs. Dual stack is worse than where we are today. *Sigh*

Until then we will need to pick our poison and I suspect that growth of
the FIB a bigger short term concern than the address space shortage. 
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