[ppml] Policy to help the little guys

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Wed Mar 19 10:27:14 EDT 2008

> Not sure what you are asking for, and then, don't know how 
> long it will take to produce it.

To me, it sounded like this, or perhaps a subset of this.

For every ARIN IPv4 ISP/LIR, record the size of the base allocation that
they first received and the date. Call this B.

Then go through all the B's and figure the average size of B for each
month. Call this A.

The go through all the ISP/LIR subsequent allocations and record the
date the size called S and two calculated values PB and PA. PB = S as a
percent of B, and PA = S as a percent of A.

Provide this data as a table in CSV format

ISP #, B, A, Base Date, Subsequent Date, S, PA, PB

That should be sufficiently parseable that people can do some charts
with it. For instance charting the average of PA and/or PB over time
would show if subsequent allocations are trending larger compared to the
base allocation or compared to all other allocations made at the time
the base allocation was made.

Or perhaps Tom could suggest a slightly different algorithm.

--Michael Dillon

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