[ppml] 2008-2

Michael Thomas - Mathbox mike at mathbox.com
Tue Mar 18 02:30:04 EDT 2008

Hi All,

Let me see if I understand this policy proposal. 

During discussions of the fairness to members of IP address allocation cost
brackets, it was argued by various people that:

- IP addresses were just a resource and had no intrinsic value
- ARIN fees reflected the cost to support services required by the members

A few months ago ARIN had 70 plus members holding approximately 79% of all
ARIN non-legacy resources or approximately 970,000 /24. Of those 970,000
/24, those 70 plus X-Large members have to pay fees on only approximately
140,000 /24. Which means that approximately 730,000 /24 are controlled by
those X-Large members are free of charge. In the X-Large bracket, those
140,000 /24 cost about $.34 each. In the highest cost bracket, a /24 costs
about $324.00 each.

Although I will not claim knowledge of exact dates, but it seems to me that
several individuals have been predicting IPv4 exhaustion for more than 10

Now a policy should exist for the marketing of those IP resource which have
no intrinsic value and which are still being allocated free of charge.

If it wasn't so funny, I might be irritated.

Michael Thomas
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