[ppml] Restrictions on transferor deaggregation in 2008-2: IPv4Transfer Policy Proposal

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Wed Mar 12 16:47:22 EDT 2008

Thus spake "Kevin Day" <kevin at your.org>
> Why sell when you can rent and keep collecting cash?

You may well get more income by selling an asset and investing the proceeds 
in other things than you would renting it out.  Also, some folks aren't 
willing to rent assets they consider critical; they want to own them, and 
will either pay whatever price is necessary for someone to sell them those 
assets or find a way to do without entirely (i.e. move to v6).

> Right now I can go to any colo provider and say "I want a half dozen
> racks, power, and connectivity for my 150 servers." and pretty easily
> get a /23 or larger. Now what happens if I say "You know, why don't
> you forget about the racks, power, bandwidth and everything else...
> How much would just the /23 be per month?"

Aside from the provider's obvious problem with their next round of ARIN 

This is a case of trying to multihome with PA space except that you (in 
theory) would not be buying connectivity to them.  My guess is that in 
practice, they'd designate a port for you and simply not turn it up -- and 
make your bill the same as if you were using them and the entire exercise 
pointless.  If you're stuck with all the downsides of PA multihoming, you 
might as well have connectivity to that provider and at least having things 
mostly work most of the time...

> This is possible right now, and as far as I can tell not breaking any
> policies. A big hosting or colo provider with excess v4 space can SWIP
> space to the highest bidder for a large monthly check, and have the
> security that if they end up needing more v4 later they can pull it
> back.

You can bet if I'm paying someone for space under your model, I'd have the 
contract written so that they couldn't take it back.

Also, the concept of folks with "excess" space is one of several reasons for 
2007-14.  If that passes, expect that supply to diminish quickly, at least 
the non-legacy parts of it.

> This will cause deaggregation.

Everything causes deaggregation.  Isn't that one of the laws of 
thermodynamics?  Net entropy always increases.  :)


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