[arin-ppml] Q1 - ARIN address transferpolicy: whythetriggerdate?

Howard, W. Lee Lee.Howard at stanleyassociates.com
Wed Jun 25 10:33:34 EDT 2008

> And we are running out of time. We need to do 2 things.
> 1. Give out IPv6 allocations with each IPv4 allocation with 
> instructions to use it.
> 2. Check that it gets used before giving out any more 
> allocations. And by used, I mean, made available to 
> downstream customers if applicable.

This is interesting.  Have you thought about how to evaluate
whether addresses have been "used" on the IPv6 archipelago?
How available does it have to be?  I'm not challenging the
idea, just trying to draw out more detail.

Would a proposal like this
accomplish this goal?


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