[arin-ppml] Q1 - ARIN address transfer policy: why the triggerdate?

Jay Sudowski jay at handynetworks.com
Tue Jun 24 01:16:32 EDT 2008

> BT's plan is as complex as the dozen or so IP networks that we operate.
> A lot of network operators are in the same boat, still running 3 or 5 or
> 10 IP networks that result from various M&A activity and/or attempts to
> integrate some networks into a merged network. Fact is that there are
> customers on these networks so we like to go slow and make sure the
> service
> keeps running. That is why you hear so little about IPv6 from the bigger
> networks, because they are easing into it in a way that does not disrupt
> any existing customers.
> --Michael Dillon
And hereine lies yet another problem with IPv6, at least for the smaller 
operator that's connected to multiple larger Tier1 ASs.  If the larger 
operators are taking a slow and steady approach to IPv6, then how they 
heck is the little guy going to get IPv6 connectivity / transit?


This list is decidedly short ...

-Jay Sudowski

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